Laundromat Etiquette: Tips for a Pleasant Laundry Experience

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “What are they talking about?!? Manners at the Laundromat?” We know it might sound crazy to you, but this is what makes coming to The Dutchman’s Laundry so much more enjoyable for everyone!

Laundromat etiquette examples

What do you look for when you first walk into a laundromat? Clean floors, clean machines, polite customers, etc.? All of this depends on the customers… meaning you. If you take care of yourself and your stuff, then the Laundromat will be a much more pleasant place to do laundry for everyone!

Laundromat Machines


First of all, when talking about etiquette and manners let’s talk about keeping the laundromat clean. This is so important to all of us. NO ONE likes walking into a dirty laundromat. Customers who clean up after themselves are what make the difference.

Wait! What? The customer has to work??? I thought that is what the attendant was for!

I know, I know. This one is SO tough! This means picking up your dryer sheets off the floor, or taking them out of the dryer when you are finished. When someone comes up to a dryer with an armload of freshly washed laundry to put in there and someone’s used dryer sheets are in there, they think that is nasty! Not to mention, now it is a huge inconvenience because they have to set their clean laundry somewhere in order to get that dryer sheet out before they can put their laundry in.

Sound familiar to you?

I am sure that it has happened to you, too, at some time or another. Another important point is to make sure you take everything out of the washers when you are done. No one likes opening up a washer door only to find someone’s sock or, um, unmentionable in there. Then they definitely have to find a different washer!

Pet etiquette

Let’s talk pets. This is a BIG one for us and our customers. We are happy to provide a place for our four-legged friends to get their laundry done, but their owners must be considerate of the customers that come after them and clean the pet hair out of the machines. Please, don’t come in and use a clean washer and then leave it filled with clumps of hair from your pets. Take the time to grab a paper towel from the bathroom or ask the attendant for some and wipe out the inside of the washer and the glass on the door. If you can’t get the washer clean on your own, please, ask the attendant for help. We want to be considerate of everyone and their laundry needs and provide all of our customers with the chance to have a wonderful experience at The Dutchman’s Laundry.

Extremely dirty laundry

Extremely Dirty Laundry Rule: If you wouldn’t wash it at home, then don’t wash it here. No customer wants to bring in their pristine, white, fluffy comforter to wash only to find the washer streaked with dirt. If you do have some dirty work clothes that need washing, shake them out outside or scrub them off before you come in.

Do not shake them out in the middle of the Laundromat in front of the washers. (We know who you are! The evidence left behind speaks for itself….) There is nothing wrong with dirt. That is why we are here. We just want any dirt left behind cleaned up before the next customer comes in! When you are done washing your work clothes, please, clean out the machine with a paper towel or ask the attendant for help. We want you to be able to wash all of your laundry here, but, please, be considerate of the other customers’ laundry.

Treating fellow customers nicely

Since we addressed keeping the Laundromat clean, let’s talk about taking care of fellow customers. We have some of the sweetest and the best customers in town, and it is such a pleasure to hear perfect strangers having a friendly conversation while doing laundry. Please, be considerate of those around you and be a pleasant person to be around. Arguing on your phone or yelling at your laptop while enjoying our free WIFI is not pleasant for those around you! Using foul language in the Laundromat with other customers and children around is not appropriate either and will be addressed. We want The Dutchman’s to be a family-friendly place that is welcoming for everyone.

Putting laundry and items away

Another way to be considerate of other customers is to remove your laundry from the washer or dryer as soon as it finishes. Customers often want our jumbo 8 load washers and if they have to wait, they will be forced to use two of our smaller washers instead, costing them more time and money. Time is valuable to everyone, and it is very impolite to make other people wait on a machine because you had to do a few errands that took a few hours too long.

Children are a blessing from God and are welcome at The Dutchman’s Laundry! We value children and families so much that we have provided a wonderful play area for kids to enjoy while mom and dad do the laundry. For everyone’s safety, we do ask that the toys stay in the play area, that there is no running in the Laundromat, and that children do not play with the laundry carts, as tempting as they are! The carts can easily tip over causing severe injury and damage. We want everyone to stay safe and have a good experience!

Well, what do you think? It’s not too hard, is it? I am sure that you have appreciated a clean Laundromat or met some kind, fellow customers at one time or another, or have been absolutely appalled with a Laundromat or its customers, at some point. We hope everyone takes the time to think about those around them and is considerate of them and their laundry. If you ever have any questions or need help with a machine, please, talk to the attendant. They are there to answer questions and to be a help to our customers. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We love our customers and think that we have some of the best!