How to get Pet Hair Removed from your Clothing

Although you love your pets dearly, you don’t have to feel guilty about being frustrated when they shed. Cats and dogs both have a tendency to shed their fur throughout their lifetime. While there are some breeds that shed more than others, it’s pretty much a universal characteristic.

It’s pretty easy to keep up with this problem around the house with vacuums and lint rollers, but having pet hair in your clothing is a real conundrum. Many people simply try washing their clothes only to realize that this strategy doesn’t always work. Let’s explores some tips explaining how to get pet hair removed from your clothing.

Prevention of Pet Hair

As the old saying goes ‘the best offense is a great defense’. If you can reduce the amount of pet hair that actually makes it onto your clothing, you’ve already won half the battle. You’ve essentially reduced the amount of time you have to spend trying to remove those pesky hairs.

Start each day by giving your dog or cat a quick brushing. This not only wins you some affection points from your furry friend, but it also ensures that all of the loose hairs come off at once rather than throughout the day. You can dispose of the hairs how you want without having to pick them up in clumps around the house.

Another important prevention strategy is focusing on areas where you frequent. Couches and beds are areas where you’ll pick up a lot of pet hair on your clothes. Each day, take a handheld vacuum or lint roller and clean up all of the excess hair to greatly reduce the chances of your clothes picking up these stragglers.

How to get pet hair removed from your clothing.

Any owner understands that preventing all of your pet’s hair from reaching your clothing is a pipe dream. One way or another, you’re going to find hairs on your shirt, pants, and jackets no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay. These are the strategies you can use to better tackle this pesky problem.

1. Clean your washing machine’s lint trap.

While washing machines can’t remove all of the pet hair from your clothing, these machines can actually do a great job when working at peak efficiency. Unfortunately, many people sell themselves short by forgetting to clean the lint trap which is where any excess hair and dust from your clothing are supposed to go. When this lint trap remains full, the pet hair has nowhere to go but back into the cycle where it gets trapped in your clothes again. Before starting any load, be sure to clean the lint trap completely to help your machine work as designed.

2. Run your clothes in the dryer first.

Your pet’s hair often sticks to your clothing even after a washing machine cycle because they’re strongly attached to the fabric. Running your clothes on a short tumble cycle in your dryer is a great way to loosen the pet hair and soften the fabric of your clothes. This makes it easier for the hair to fall off when in the washing machine. A quick 10-minute cycle should be more than enough. You could always give each article of clothing a quick shake before placing them in the washing machine to really get off as many pet hairs as possible.

3. Throw some vinegar into the cycle.

Vinegar is another great way to loosen up fabrics and make it easier to remove pet hair. This can be added to your washing cycle by simply pouring a little bit on top of your clothes. Make sure to consult the directions on your washing machine, detergents, and fabric softener to see if they can handle being mixed with vinegar.

4. Take your clothes to a dedicated professional.

Let’s be honest. Pet hair is stubborn and incredibly difficult to remove from your clothing. Sure, you can spend hours of your day trying various methods that people online claim to work. If you value your time and don’t want to end up accidentally ruining your clothes, it might be better to simply turn to a dedicated professional to get the job done right.

Unlike the typical household washing machine, professionals have access to state-of-the-art equipment designed to tackle the toughest jobs. Removing pet hair from clothing definitely falls into the category of difficult tasks. In addition to better tools, these professionals also have the experience to know what strategies work and which don’t.

Too much hassle? We’re here to help!

Unless you want to get rid of your pets (which isn’t an option), then you’re going to be living with hair throughout your home. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept pet hair on your clothes. When you have industry-leading professionals on your side, you don’t have to do any of the leg work. Drop off your laundry and let our experts do all the washing for you!