The difference between top load and front load washer

Have you visited a new laundromat recently? It can be overwhelming to visit a laundromat for the first time. You walk in and the sight of all of the machines with different buttons, nobs, latches, and layouts can overwhelm you.

You take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the layout of the room, the various machines, and how everything operates. Hopefully, there is an attendant on duty to help you if you have any questions. The Dutchman’s Laundry is happy to have an attendant on duty seven days a week during regular business hours, so feel free to let them know if you have any questions.

Opened Laundromat Machines

Top-load Washer:

Some common questions asked of the attendant are “What size machine should I use? Where do I put my detergent? Is there a change machine?” One question that rarely gets asked though is, “What’s the difference between a top load washer and a front load washer?” First of all, if you have multiple loads to wash, definitely use our 4, 6, or 8 large load front load washers; however, if you just have 1-2 loads to wash, you have a choice to make.

A standard top load washer is built with a lid on top and with an agitator inside which helps to “agitate” the dirt out of the clothes. If you want to wash something in extra water, you can select large load on the control panel and the machine will fill up with water to the large load sensor whether you have one item in it or ten. This can be a very handy feature for some folks who like to use a lot of water in their washers.

Laundromat Machines

Some folks love the top load washers and claim that they can get their clothes very clean because of the agitator, while others do not like to use top load washers because the agitator can be rough on their clothes. Top load washers have a disadvantage in that they are not able to spin out the water as well as the front loaders can due to how they are designed. This simply means that the laundry will require a few more minutes of drying time than laundry from a front loader would.

Front-load washer:

Front load washers are built with a glass door on the front which can make it nice to see the clothing as it moves around in the washer. They do not use agitators to move the dirt out of the clothes, but rather use the tumbling movement of the clothes during the wash cycle to move the dirt out.

Some people like the front loaders because they tend to be gentler on the clothes since they don’t have an agitator. Our front load washers offer some extra features that our top loaders don’t have and that is wash cycle selections. Of the options offered, the most important to note is the heavy wash cycle.

If you select the heavy wash cycle, the washer actually does two separate wash cycles before the rinse cycle, truly giving your clothes a thorough washing! Our front load washers are new and efficient and can spin out much faster than the top loader washers can, meaning your clothes will dry much faster saving you time and money!

What will your choice be? The traditional top load washer or the newer front load washer? At The Dutchman’s Laundry, we offer both styles because we know it is important to our customers to be able to use a washer that they feel comfortable with. Come see us today and try them both out to find your favorite!

Alternatively, you can drop off your laundry with our laundry experts and we’ll do it all for you!