How to Wash Blankets and Large Comforters

Oh, no. You’ve done it again. You thought that since you’re all grown up, eating in bed is fine. You can watch your favorite movie and have a snack at the same time. Right? I mean, you’ve already seen the movie, so surely you can glance away every once in a while to make sure that you are actually getting the food to your mouth and not dribbling it down the front of your shirt! You know how to eat without making a mess…. or spilling your drink…. or dropping crumbs…. or smearing chocolate on your comforter. Oh, wait….comforter. The one that is so big it doesn’t even fit in your washer at home. What are you going to do now? Spot cleaning the comforter is just not going to work again. It needs a good washing.

Washing Your Blankets at The Dutchman’s Laundry

This is where your story can change by learning how to wash blankets and large comforters! Bring your comforter into The Dutchman’s Laundry and make use of our large washers and dryers that are built to handle large blankets. Our largest washers (8 loaders) can easily handle several blankets at one time, so go ahead and grab all of the other blankets, quilts, and comforters in your house and bring them on in. This makes it so easy to do a routine spring and fall cleaning of your entire household’s bedding all at one time without a lot of hassle.

Tips for Washing Blankets

1. Do Not Wash it at Home

DO NOT WASH IT AT HOME!!! I cannot stress this enough. A household washer is not built for large blankets, so it could possibly be broken just by washing your large blanket in it! Knowing how to wash blankets often means washing elsewhere. Also, your blanket could easily be damaged by your washer, especially if you have a top-load washer. Believe me, I know. A homemade quilt now has some broken threads….

2. Check Machine Washability

Make sure that your blankets are all machine washable before you put them in the washer. While our washers can work magic, they do not dry clean! Read the tags and labels on your blankets to see what settings you should put the washer on. Most say gentle cycle with warm or cold water.

3. Use Correct Detergent Amount

Use only half of the amount of detergent for the number of loads the machine can wash. In other words, if you use a 6-load washer, only put in enough detergent for 3 loads. Since our machines are front loaders they only need half of the recommended amount of detergent. If you put in too much detergent, your blanket will not get completely rinsed out because there will be too many suds. You might actually want to put in a little less than half for your blankets just to make sure that they don’t over-suds.

Tips for Drying Your Blankets

1. Choose the Correct Heat Setting

Choose the correct heat setting in the dryer. If the blanket label says low heat, then select that setting on the dryer. While it might take longer to dry your blanket on low heat, you avoid the risk of melting the filling or material of your comforter. Line dry is also on some blanket labels to avoid scorching them or melting them. We recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendation for the sake of your blankets and our equipment. Certain materials cannot handle the high temperatures of our dryers and should be line dried.

2. Use Dryer Balls

Use dryer balls. These will not only help soften your blankets but also keep them from bunching up and allow them to dry faster.

3. Special Considerations for Down Comforters

If you have a down comforter, please, note that it needs to be dried for multiple hours at the lowest heat setting possible. Trying to rush the drying process of a down comforter could result in a burnt comforter.

4. Allow Room for Movement

Make sure that the dryer you select allows the blanket room to move about. Picking the smallest dryer possible because it is the cheapest will actually require more time and money to dry your blanket than if a larger dryer were selected. Giving the blanket room to move about allows the air to circulate better throughout the dryer and blanket helping it to dry faster.


Now that you know how to wash blankets, you need to take action. If waiting on laundry at the Laundromat is not your thing or you simply don’t have time to wait, then make use of our blanket washing service. Simply drop off your blankets with us and we will get them washed and dried for you. We offer a flat rate price per blanket with a discount for multiple blankets. If you drop off in the morning or by early afternoon we can get them done the same day! We also provide the detergent and softener. Give us a call at 931-340-6716 for more details. Now you know what to do with that chocolate-streaked comforter. You’re an adult. You get to make the decision. Bring it into The Dutchman’s Laundry. We’ve got you covered!


Q: How do I wash big blankets?
A. Use a large-capacity washer with a gentle cycle and appropriate detergent. Follow the care label instructions for water temperature and drying.
Q: How many blankets can I wash at once?
A. It depends on your washer’s capacity. Avoid overloading to ensure thorough cleaning.
Q: How do I clean a comforter too big for the washer?
A. Consider laundromats with large machines, professional services, or spot cleaning until a full wash is possible. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines.